Friday, 25 September 2015

Why To Count On The Range Of Spices Offered By Indian Exporters?

May be in foreign, but you cannot expect people to eat lesser or non spicy food in India. It is just next to impossible as you cannot find a single home that is not using any spice in food. Indian spices food exporters in India bring a complete range of spices for people who love eating delicious foods without compromising with their health. Let’s learn the significance of every staple spice used in Indian kitchens.

1. Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds or raai is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. These seeds are mostly used in preparation of South Indian dishes, like upma, sambhar, rava idli, etc. Mustard seeds also contain good amount of Omega fatty acids.

2. Asafoetida

Heeng, stinking gum, and even devil’s dung are the names through which people call asafetida. This is pungent spice and one of the gems you can find in Indian kitchens. Heeng is been used for cooking or medicinal purposes since long time. It aids in stomach issues and treats gas problem. Just use it in very small quantity as its flavor is stronger and tempering.

3. Cinnamomum tamala

Indian bay leaf or tej patta is used to add flavor to curries or rice. Cooks need to heat the leaves in oil and use them when they turn brown.

4. Carom seeds

Carom seeds or ajwain are also having pungent flavor. These small grayish colored seeds have a sharp and slightly bitter taste. Indians rarely use carom seeds raw. They first roast it lightly in hot oil and then season the dish. Besides using them for preparing curries, carom seeds flavor works well with breads and parantha (grilled fried flatbreads). It is an antiseptic spice and is also used to aid in digestion.

5. Cloves

Cloves are fully grown, unopened dried up flower buds used for medicinal and curry preparation. Clove is vastly used by Indians in cooking. Its strong and warm flavor helps in making the dish little spicy. It is also used for preparing garam masala.

6. Fennel seeds

Indians call fennel seeds by other name- saunf. It looks like cumin seeds, but having very different taste. When you look them closely, you will find that fennel seeds are greener and wider as compared to cumin seeds. Saunf is also roasted and used as a mouth freshener. It also possesses digestive qualities.

There are a lot more spices you can source from Indian spices exporters, like coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, cardamom, nutmeg, etc. at competitive rates.

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