Friday, 17 July 2015

Do you know what best practices farmers make to grow turmeric for Indian exporters?

Farmers are using best techniques to grow good quality turmeric for exporting companies. Indian turmeric exporters have asked farmers to follow good agricultural practices, so that their export business can reach major portion of the world. They shared lots of tips to avail premium quality turmeric for supply. What tips did they share with farmers? What practices are they making to grow better quality turmeric? Let’s find out.

Turmeric is a root that holds esteem position in Ayurveda as people are using it as a medicinal herb and as a spice. Some perfume makers also use turmeric while producing sorts of fragrances and dyers use it for coloring purposes. It is a medicinal herb that treats liver ailments, parasitic infections, bruises, skin infections or problems, ulcers, strains, sprains, cold or flu, and digestive system. Turmeric also prevents colon, lung, breast, and other types of cancers.

Cultivation and growing practices

Which type of soil is required to grow turmeric?
To grow turmeric, farmers need to have well-drained fertile soil.

Is direct sunlight preferable for the crop?
For turmeric, indirect sunlight or warm sun works best.

Where this crop can be grown best?
Turmeric is a tropical plant that grows well in abundant moisture and heat. Too cold or winter will make the crop dead.

What is the best time to plant it?
Farmers can plant this crop anytime unless they live in tropical. It is advisable to plant late in spring.

When to know that crop is ready to harvest?
When the greener crop turns to dry, farmers can dig the plant to bring the roots up.

How to dry turmeric?
It is tricky to dry turmeric. You need to boil the plant roots and let it dry under sun. Some people use dehydrator for drying it.

How to store the final product?
Farmers can transform the dried roots into fine powder and store into airtight jars, while fresh roots can be refrigerated.

So, these are the things that help farmers to achieve quality turmeric harvesting. Thanks to those Indian turmeric exporters who helped farmers in getting better quality crop and the deal.

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